Help to Declare New Zealand's food and environment GE-Free!

All New Zealand fruit, vegetables, seafood, top-quality meat and dairy are free of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO-free).

Let's keep our food natural!

Please ask the Prime Minister: - to commit to protecting our environment and exports from GMO's, and - to restore the moritorium on release of GMO's.

We understand that ethical use of gene technology in containment for medicine and research does not threaten our economy or environment. However, GMO's in agriculture and the open environment threaten the future of the whole country.

If you have any doubts about why New Zealand should declare a GE-Free policy for our farming, exports and natural environment please take a few moments and read the material on this site which includes links to expert opinions.

If after reading the material you agree with this view we invite you to:

  • Send a letter or email to the Prime Minister (using your own or the suggested wording)
  • Vote for the party that most closely reflects this stance
  • Take other action to promote the declaration of New Zealand as GE/GM free.
  • Use the "Tell a friend" page to pass on your knowledge of this site to all your friends.

If we all take action and pull together we can achieve our goal of having New Zealand declared GE/GM free.